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Pure Shampoo Bar – Vegetable Oils, nothing else


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This all-natural shampoo bar smells only of pureness, fresh air and a new beginning. One could also describe this scent as the soft aroma of a pure vegetable oil.

Composition and properties

This shampoo bar is made exclusively of natural ingredients, based on castor, coconut, linseed and sesame oils. Lactic acid ensures a skin-friendly low pH of 6.5.
The soap, free of essential oils, cleans the hair gently with no irritation to the scalp. It is easy to wash off, it doesn’t dry the hair, and it leaves you with a feeling of absolute cleanliness.

Special features

This natural shampoo bar loves water. We recommend moistur- izing the hair well before washing it from the roots towards the tips. The soap doesn’t produce as much foam as a store-bought shampoo, however it washes just as thoroughly.

The shampoo bar is perfect for curly and stubborn, short to me- dium length hair. The vegetable oils make the hair supple and voluminous.

This bar is made of castor oil, coconut oil, linseed oil, and sesame oil. The formula also contains lactic acid, allowing to keep the pH balance at a healthy 6.5 which doesn’t damage your hair or scalp. The shampoo bar is a wholesome moisturizer and washes off easily, leaving your hair nice and clean.


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